Why Your Organization Needs Tr(ai)nStation

A landmark study from RAND found that less than 40% of companies tracked the efficacy of their Wellness Program. We intend to change that, with out of the box solutions for data-driven feedback on the effectiveness of your platform. Even if you don’t want to sign up right away, we can provide insight on areas you could improve your offerings.

Our process makes leveraging behavioral data on health and lifestyle easier than ever, but our emphasis on making wellness prescriptions relevant is what separates us. We believe in putting the user at the center of solutions, and that means what matters to them is more important than our opinion. Working with Tr(Ai)nstation means delivering what matters most to your employees, be that getting better at golf or dunking at the YMCA.

Our Offerings

Tier 1 Wellness Package

Our API is adaptive and can plug directly into your organization’s current wellness offerings. This route provides a cost efficient process that delivers wellness plans for your employees, and tailored data response values in the form of MCID’s (Minimum Clinically Important Differences).

Tier 2 Wellness Package

This package includes everything represented above, but it comes with active consultation about currently deployed wellness offerings. Our experts will help you analyze your current wellness offerings, and offer suggestions on how we could supercharge your plan.

Why Automated Prescriptions?

Many companies have opted to establish a set number of people that serve as their wellness planners. These include contacts with personal trainers, centralized wellness plan developers and online influencers. The problem with this solution is that it doesn’t put the user at the center of the solution. Humans are limited by their perspective on training, wellness planners have to write broad plans that account for the largest number of people, and influencers… don’t get us started.

How Tr(ai)nStation Works with You

Our process is as simple as taking our corporate wellness survey below to give us more information about how your offerings function. If you don’t have an established wellness offering don’t worry, we can help with that too. After you’ve completed the survey, we’ll reach out with an email and a time to dig deeper into the nature of your problem.

Ready To Talk Specifics?