About Us


Tr(ai)nStation was founded after we noticed massive issues with the ways both Wellness Programs and Fitness Training Prescriptions happen today.

However, the real “Go Moment” came when we realized both problems could be solvedwith one solution.

Everyone knows that it’s healthy to exercise, or that eating right is a central component of losing weight, and yet a large majority of the population fails to implement this knowledge by taking action. Wellness Programs are not made with users in mind – in large part due to a structural failures of a healthcare system  unconcerned with practicality.

We understand that people are not robots;  a human being cannot be expected to follow some “theoretically optimal” plan.  Therefore, the best plan of action to offer someone is a fulfilling plan tailored to their own needs and preferences –  the plan they will actually stick with.

We believe that no matter where you’re starting from, where you’d like to go, or what physical activities you personally prefer to take your health from Point A to Point B, a path can be created that satisfies all three.

The Tr(ai)nStation Team