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Welcome to the Future of Fitness

A couple years ago, a group of friends recognized that pursuing a fitness goal was a confusing, inefficient, and expensive journey.

This group of friends happened to be Scientists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs – including a Doctor and Professor of Exercise Physiology, and a PhD Candidate working in Artificial Intelligence.

Tr(ai)nStation is the ultimate solution they created to help you successfully achieve your fitness goals.

Tr(ai)nStation’s Artificial Intelligence begins your Training Plan based on the latest, most reliable Peer-Reviewed Scientific Research in Exercise Physiology.

As you use the App, the AI learns from data and feedback to continuously optimize your personal Training Program.

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence for a Personal Training experience that is all about YOU.

Your Goals

Tr(ai)nStation’s Artificial Intelligence designs your fitness program to give you the most efficient and effective workouts for Your Goal.  When you make your account, you’ll be asked to choose from the following Goals:

  1. Lose Fat
  2. Increase Strength
  3. Increase Size (Hypertrophy)
  4. Increase Endurance
  5. Increase Power (Explosiveness)
Your Body

Every body is unique – and your body responds to stress (exercise) differently than someone else’s body does.

For example: Two different people both have the same Goal of wanting to lose fat. A given exercise program might work very well for “Person A,” but is not as effective for “Person B.”  A different exercise program might work very well for “Person B,” but would not work as well for “Person A.”

Over time, Tr(ai)nStation’s Artificial Intelligence learns how your body responds to the exercise you do, continuously adjusting your training program to optimize performance and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Your Preferences

Tr(ai)nStation works hard to accommodate all of your preferences, including:

  • How Often You Exercise
    • Workout plans designed for number of days per week you want to exercise
  • How Long You Exercise
    • Decide how long you will workout before you begin (you can extend too, when you’re feeling good!)
  • Exercise Intensity
    • Tr(ai)nStation learns how hard you like to push yourself, but also factors your recovery levels to reduce risk of injury
  • Movement Type
    • Do you really like a certain exercise?  Tr(ai)nStation will remember and incorporate that movement more often
    • Do certain movements hurt you?  Have pre-existing injuries that still cause discomfort?  Tr(ai)nStation learns what you don’t like and avoids giving you those exercises
  • Where You Exercise
    • Large Gym
    • Small Gym
    • At Home
    • Performance Center
  • Equipment Available
    • Isolation Machines
    • Types of Weights
    • Cardio Machines
    • Resistance Bands, Kettlebells, etc

Improving the User Experience is an Ongoing Project

Building an AI Personal Trainer was really hard, and took years.  But now that the AI is done, we’re releasing a simple version of the App to let you start working out with the AI Personal Trainer right away.

Throughout 2022, we will be focused on add new features and functionality into the App, such as:

  • Ability to review historical data and analytics about your workouts and progress towards your goals,
  • Educational resources on exercise technique and form,
  • Rewards for consistently working out and making progress towards your goals,
  • and Much More

As a User, you’ll be invited to share with us further features and functionality you’d like to have in the App, and what’s most important to you.

  • Artificial Intelligence 100% 100%
  • Ease of Use 100% 100%
  • Flexibility of Use 85% 85%
  • App Features 60% 60%

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